About Us



KAW Tri was founded by Jennie Greenwood, who lives in Nova Scotia. Canada.

A triathlete, Mom, Wife and Entrepreneur.

Only 5 years into the Triathlon world, this girl started late, but her passion for the sport quickly grew and it is now a very important part of her life.

About 3 years ago Jennie came up with an idea about Triathlon Apparel, she has always had a creative soul and always wanted to have her own line one day.

After her Mom passed away very suddenly, she decided that this was the right time to take the leap. Life is precious and if you have a dream you should go for it.

KAW Tri designs are bright, fun and timeless.  A lot of the inspiration comes from nature, our second home when training. 

Swim, bike, run is our space. It gives us freedom. We want you to feel and look great in your KAW Tri designs, so you can go out and enjoy your training.

About the name

We are women that juggle so much, everyday we get up and TRI our best.

That is why we are Kick Ass Women that Tri.

We TRI in our sport but we also TRI everyday in life. KAW Tri understands the pressures of daily life, and the challenges that we as women have endured and overcome. 

We want KAW Tri to be a community, somewhere we can share our passion for the outdoors and our love of Triathlon.