Top Tips for Staying Motivated during the Winter

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Winter time for Triathletes can be hard, especially here in Canada. Mornings and evenings are dark and it gets really really cold. It is understandable that you just want to sit and cozy by the fire and watch Netflix. 

But here are some great tips to help you stay motivated, so next year you are raring to go and ready for that 'A' race.


1. It's ok not to be in top form

First of all it is important to allow yourself to relax. Constantly pushing yourself to the max at every training session is not good for the body or soul. In fact it could lead to illness and injury.

Relax and spend some extra time with family and friends, indulge a little (not too much though).


2. Use winter to switch it up

Try a new sport or focus on strength training, this often gets neglected in the summer when all your training is Swimming, Biking and Running. Strength training is vital in order to prevent injuries. Lifting weights for women is also essential as we age. It decreases the chance of osteoporosis, and helps to maintain muscle mass. Stronger muscles equals stronger Swimming, Biking and Running.

New sports that you may not have tried in the winter are:

Speed Skating

Skiing and Snowboarding


Trail Running


Cross Country Skiing

These are all good for you and it's always nice to change it around sometimes.


3. Turn off the Garmin

Don't be a slave to your Garmin. It's good to turn it off sometimes and just run by feel not by what your Garmin says. Listen to your breathing, feel the rhythm in your legs, the motion of your arms. We are not saying to do it all winter, but try it and you will see that it is freeing and feels so good, just go out and run just because!!!


4. Join a club or train with friends

Getting through winter is always easier when you have people to train with. Or if there are no clubs - set up some training sessions together with your fellow Triathletes. You could meet at someone's house and have a fun Spinning session. Or meet every week for a run or swim. It keeps you accountable and in check.


5. Set some goals and make a plan

Look at what races you would like to do the following year and write them down. If you have a plan you are less likely to feel lost and become demotivated.

It doesn't have to be a solid plan, but it's always good to have something in place.



6. Have faith in yourself

Never give up on yourself and what you believe in. In winter, when we are challenged by the elements it's easy to lose sight of this. Remember that you are a Kick Ass Women that Tri's and the work that you put in over the winter will carry forward to the next year. Having a positive outlook will give you the confidence and ability to execute a great race in 2020.


Thank you for reading 

Keep Kicking Ass my ladies.


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