KAW Tri Story No 1 - EMMA STOKES

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So here it is ladies, our 1st KAW Tri Story.

Emma Stokes. Wow, what can we say, she really is a Kick Ass Woman that Tri's!

At age 44, Emma who lives in Cheltenham in the UK,  decided to enter her first Triathlon and she had just 10 weeks to get ready for it. But she had a major hurdle, she couldn't swim more than 10 meters and swimming pools terrified her.

So, what did she do? She made the choice to face her FEARS head on and signed up for some swimming lessons. With determination and grit after only six weeks of lessons and hours of practice, she could complete 32 continuous lengths of the pool.

What she found was the support and community of her swimming buddies helped her along and they would encourage her daily at the pool.

After 10 weeks, Triathlon day arrived and with a pit in her stomach she completed and throughly enjoyed every minute of the race, and within a time that she was very proud of....

But Emma was not finished there. After the Triathlon she decided to go even bigger and train for a 10KM Swim in a river!!! Wow! Another challenge about facing her FEAR, there would be no swim lanes, nothing to hold onto..... would she be able to overcome her FEAR?

Emma recently wrote a piece for an Adventure Magazine for Women - Intrepid Magazine. www.intrepid-magazine.com

Below you can find her full story on overcoming her FEAR.


I asked Emma about what she has in her future and she replied that next year she would like to pick some events that 'light her up' rather than those that purely push her physically. For example, some fun swim events and swims in beautiful locations. 

She would also like to thank her Husband, Richard for supporting her and giving her the space and time to train. He is also her biggest cheerleader. Way to go Rich!!!

A big thank you is also extended to the Outdoor Swimming Community as they were so supportive and inclusive. 

Emma's advice to anyone that is trying to face their fears, is to be kind and gentle with yourself first and foremost. When you get frustrated or try to shove your way forward, you may meet with resistance within yourself. Instead, breathe, visualize and take baby steps. Remember to talk to yourself as you would a friend. She also advises being brave enough to seek support where offered and experts if necessary. Sometimes allowing yourself to be vulnerable and admitting that you are scared is half the battle......

Finally, don't forget to channel your inner Wonder Woman. When you take the leap it can be terrifying but trust that a net will appear. 

Watch out for this lady as she is also in the process of writing a book!!

If you would like to follow Emma, she is on Instagram @emmastokesswims

She also has a You Tube channel documenting her training for the 10KM Swim - It's called Emma Swims.

So there you have it KAW Tri Community, a beautiful story of FACING YOUR FEAR and conquering it. 

Thank you so much Emma for sharing your story, I am positive that someone will read this and be inspired, motivated and humbled by the challenges that you overcame to becoming an amazing Swimmer.

Congratulations on all your accomplishments.

Ladies, we need more stories, we want to hear from you all. Please send your story to support@kawtri.com






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