5 Tips for First-Time Triathletes on Race Day

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I'm so excited to be invited to the Keji Mulltisport Festival on September 22nd at Kejimikujik National Park in Nova Scotia. Where we will be having a Pop-Up Shop.

I imagine there will be quite a few ladies that will be doing their first Triathlon. I am so excited for you all, and so proud of you all for taking the leap into this incredible sport. I'm looking forward to seeing you all cross the finish line with smiles on your faces and hearing your stories.

I remember when I did my first Triathlon, I rode my Husband's bike that was way too big for me. Did not own a wetsuit and panicked in the swim. But I did it, I crossed the finish line and was so happy.

Certainly there is a fear when doing something new for the first time, so with this list I hope that your first Triathlon is a stress free and enjoyable race.

1. Pre-Race: When possible, always try and pick up your Race Packet the day before the event. It will save you time and any potential anxiety to have all this information before race day. The race packet should contain your Bib Number, Swim Cap, Race Tattoos (if available), Bike and Helment Number Stickers.

2. Transition Area: This is going to be busy, people will be setting up their stuff differently to you, they will have more or less things. Ignore this! Keep in your own lane and concentrate on what you have and where it goes. In general for a Sprint Triathlon, in transitition you would need Bike, Helmet, Bike Shoes, Sunglasses, Race Belt, Hat, Sneakers and Socks (if you can't run without). Goggles and Wetsuit stay with you.

Keep it simple!

3. Eat Something: I know this may be difficult the morning of Race Day, due to nerves and excitement, but you need something in your belly. It's also hard to eat if your race starts early. Eating at 4.00am in the morning is not fun. But it's important, you will need that fuel for your race. An easy one is a Bagel and Banana, or you could try Oatmeal. If you are really struggling a drink high in carbohydrates might help.

4. Arrive in Time: Make sure you get to the venue in plenty of time, the last thing you want is to be stressed about getting everything ready. You will need time to get your Timing Chip, get Body Marked and set up Transition area. Oh and visit the porta potty!!!!

5. The Swim: Lots of women new to Triathlon, worry about the swim. This is normal. My advice is to start at the back or at the sides. Start off slow until you get comfortable in the water and then get into your stride. You want this to be an enjoyable first experience. If you need to stop and take a break, do it. Do breaststroke, backstroke. Say to yourself that you can do it, because you can and will. 

Most of all have fun, smile and take it all in. You will never forget your first Triathlon. 





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